Another World Is Possible Because

The crisis is spreading like an oil slick. The rulers rescue the financial system, but “bail out the banks is just the beginning: the real economy, not financial, it also has a desperate need for help and to provide that help we will have to set aside some prejudice.” He says the latest laureate in economics, Paul Krugman, and that’s leaving aside certain prejudices ‘, including the disastrous dismantling neo-liberalism responsible, collective delusion that’ everything is market ‘and’ self-correcting market. ” We have already seen! A diagnosis of the crisis ends another Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz, “Some food prices through the roof and a financial system in ruins are the result of bad policy.” He adds that “there is a choice between growth and inequality” because “it is to achieve growth that benefits the majority of citizens.” But in addition, Stiglitz explains that “growth based on environmental degradation in indigestion of debt-financed consumption, or exploitation of scarce natural resources, without any reinvestment of profits, can not bear, “because” growth is not a simple increase in gross domestic product. ” For its part, Krugman, attacks undoubtedly against two pillars of neo-liberalism: the tax cut and to avoid the deficit of the State budget. “We need to eliminate the low taxes imposed by Bush because they are useless,” she says. There is not a rational argument for lower taxes. There is scope to increase the tax burden on the wealthy, not to penalize, but to make them pay their share of funding for public policies that the rest of the population needs. .

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