Visual Stimulation

Babies learn about the environment around them through five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Of the five senses, sight is the least developed sense a baby has at birth. Therefore, it is important that parents help their children to "perfect vision" during its first months of your baby's life. Babies who do not receive adequate visual stimulation may never get a good view. Or they may develop slowly. In contrast, babies who are encouraged to develop good vision faster.

Have a good early view is important because this will make the baby into a competitive advantage. Why? Because vision provides the baseline from another area of development. Increases the curiosity, attention, concentration and more importantly, cements bond between parent and baby. So what can a parent do to help your baby's perfect vision? Parents can accelerate and optimize the development of their babies' vision by providing a variety of visual stimuli. When a baby receives a visual stimulus, the vision of connected nerve cells, which initially are not well connected, they begin to make a lot of connection to other nerve cells. Ultimately, this will the eyes of the baby to thrive, allowing the baby to see better. Newborn baby. First, let's see what the research says. The investigation has found that the eyes of the newborn registration of color contrast white, black and red, the better. So the best way to stimulate your baby's eyes is to expose your baby to the darker and more light as possible.

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