Aviator Jackets

Jackets for the winter differ from an ordinary winter jacket in certain characteristics in certain characteristics, work jackets for the winter differ from an ordinary winter jacket that can buy in a supermarket or in retail. Because when you buy a winter jacket, is expected of course certain conditions which should comply with the jacket. Eventually have to be used in crafts often outside or in cold halls. It is definitely on the safe side, if you think to a winter jacket, which was specially designed by manufacturers from this professional direction. This pilot jackets can also protective clothing called in other words, simply for the reason, since they have EN 342, so clothing ensembles and items to protect against the cold have? That is the standard, which specifies test methods and performance requirements for the winter jackets to protect the cold. There are various units for the jackets, the would X, these are the current data for the Food, where it is, the higher the number, the better. Y stands for the air permeability. There are different levels that go from 1 to 3.

And finally Z, which stands for resistance to water vapour, but there are also level 1 3. But not only is crucial for a good winter jacket, but also EN 343, which stands for the protection from the rain. This standard is determined by the test methods and requirements for fabrics and seams on the Aviator jackets, these provide natural protection against bad weather before weather conditions, which accompanied by precipitation, such as rain, snow, and fog, wetness and wind at temperatures up to at least 5 C. Have been tested this winter jackets on water resistance, what the X stands for and the resistance to water vapour, for this is the letter Y. The degree of water resistance, the resistance to water vapour goes each from 1 to 3.

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