Stones And Rocks Overcome The Force Of Gravity

Decorative plates of stone illusion now as Unkrautstopper used stone illusion is in Europe the manufacture of first choice, when it comes to the design/equipment of rooms and other areas with impressive stone or rock in particular, when massive stone for static reasons not in question comes. Stone manufactures illusion stone replicas. But this hollow and surface imitates not the nature – than creation by designers and craftsmen is nature itself, the rock massif, the design! Stone walls and art stone by stone illusion preserve the original power and beauty of solid stone and rock surfaces as casting real rock faces: with broken or sharp edges, with smooth or porous surfaces. You resemble in shape and color to the Viewer as unique original stone. Stone by stone illusion is unmistakably co-existing! It is almost impossible a difference between solid stone and the artifacts of stone themselves professionals, through inspection of surfaces To make the illusion. Just as it is nature: art stone by stone illusion, which are exposed in an open area of the weather, put a patina of mosses and braids on small animals and birds find a home on stone crests or niche. Stone replicas of stone illusion different from solid stone due to her weight. A Boulder for the garden, which would otherwise perhaps weigh 3.5 t, is illusion only with approx.

70 kg in weight with stone by stone. By a special manufacturing technique, the castings are made from actual rock walls, the replicas receive a nature identical appearance. Surface texture, form and color are no longer indistinguishable from real stone. Due to the ease of the stone replicas of stone illusion, there are hardly any limits for the design. Which restrict structural engineers and architects in their work with solid stone, not only problems with replicas of stone illusion. Almost any idea can be implemented through a variety of functions. Stone replicas of stone illusion can be fitted so technically, that it is possible to have many functions: cliffs and boulders of stone illusion in form and color each manufactured according to the customer’s wishes.

Stone illusion has its range extended with stone style. Stone style is versatile and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. As you will be on the wall panelling bolted or glued. If necessary, can the stone style removed and reused products. also ideal for rental properties. Free-standing, E.g. as limiting the stone with style to your property line, stop the proliferation and at the same time have a nice garden surround. Here it is thanks to stone style many new possibilities of for design. As with stone illusion is also in stone fantasy style set no limits. Desire themes and dimensions on request.

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