Baal Sulam

And in the past such a state never was. Could you explain what this means? Now reveals a global, integrated crisis 'small village', 'butterfly effect'. Reveals the selfish relationship between us, the general dependence on each other and our failure to maintain a correct and good relations when we are all connected to everyone. This is called a broken climate. Further details can be found at Ripple, an internet resource. And before that climate was not.

Because climate means that we are all connected together. But it is broken – because we are linked wrong. Crisis – the revelation of the spiritual climate. We are already in a spiritual state, which is achieved in recent years. The world must understand and assimilate.

We're just confused, and it seems to us that the spiritual – somewhere beyond clouds in other galaxies outside of the universe in another dimension, space and time. The spiritual manifests itself in what is now between us revealed a broken link, and we need to fix it. As revealed uncorrected spiritual condition, then we are already in the spiritual. No matter what it is uncorrected – we fix it! Never before has the spiritual is not disclosed, it is revealed only now. Therefore, our generation is called generation of the Messiah. Says Baal Sulam: 'All of us – one family. " And although there hate each other, but this family. Crisis – the revelation of the partition. And this is really the crisis – not economic, not financial, not political, not Environment, and the crisis in relations between us. That is now revealed.

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