Roland M. Horn: Atlantis – old myth – new evidence: since July 10, 2009 anywhere in the trade topic has been written about no other more frequently since the days of Plato in the West as about Atlantis! For decades skeptics and critics of the Atlantis tradition could justify their opposition, there is no concrete evidence for the existence of the lost continent. That has changed dramatically! The modern scientific methods have allowed the archaeology to make new provisions of old structures or rock finds. These and many other circumstantial evidence clearly indicate–Atlantis existed! Roland M. Horn runs a wealth of fascinating evidence confirming many ancient teachings and many new spiritual research. Atlantis emerges from the orbit of his distant past and presents itself as what it once was – the cradle of mankind! A fascinating and very enlightening study of one of the oldest secrets of history! (Verlagstext) Roland M. Horn: Atlantis old myth of new evidence”, aquamarine-Verlag, Grafing, 240 pages.

Colored photos, black and white illustrations, foreword by Walter-Jorg Langbein 9.95 euro, ISBN 9783894275136. voices to the book: Roland Horn proves once again as a profound expert of the extraordinary. His book on Atlantis makes the old myth in a new light. Gain insight and clarity with Oracle. Horn provides new evidence for the existence of the former giant Empire, which sank in the floods. This book no one passes over, which would deal with Atlantis! Who has read horns sound non-fiction, can not do more than fantasy off Atlantis: Atlantis is one of the real history of our planet.

“And who does not know Horn’s new book, rather should be silent in the future on the subject of Atlantis.” Walter-Jorg Langbein, best-selling author Roland M. Horn based on various case studies prove that sea geological field research has uncovered remarkable clues and evidence in the recent period, which support the adoption of an Azores-Atlantis can, instead of to refute them. The anthropologist quoted by Horn and Atlantis researcher R. Cedric Leonard with finding right seems clearly: “Geologists have short memories when it comes to Atlantis.” Atlantis: Age new evidence is myth – a ‘ tonic ‘, which counteracts this ‘memory ‘weakness lasting! As the reader can see, the author also succeeds to present the treated by him, most demanding, geological matter easy and downright captivating.” Bernhard editor-in-Chief Bagley, Roland M. Horn, assigned from Atlantis expert, embarks on the traces of old mysteries. Current facts, discussions and theories and findings critically evaluates the savvy author and discussed them. In the Giza area there, as it is commonly believed, news. News and discussions on the possible age of the Sphinx or also the Builder of the great pyramid of Giza, which were so far new to me! Horn is one of the few Atlantis writers of who sought also original the Plato’s texts on the subject and have studied. “Its results are clear: it may have been Atlantis!” Lars A. Fischinger, author of Historia mystica author: Roland M. Horn was at the 16.02.1963 in Erbach/Odw. born in. He wrote numerous articles for various journals and anthologies.

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