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People’s aspirations and dislikes are their compasses. It depends which you use to push your limits or denies that interrupting their progress. The cultures must progress to socially unacceptable emotions such as fear, insecurity, pride, envy, arrogance, selfishness, rebellion, impatience, stubbornness, the yearning to brave death or old age. The awkwardness and sense of failure of the men have served as indicators to perform to what they want and what they wanted to avoid. Heartfelt thanks to these energies, the man moves your mind your body consumes and adopts, develops and refines (information, artifacts, lifestyles). The chair where you sit right now, is the product of an emotion felt by someone, the result of frustration and a dream come true. Tracking we propose in enthusiastically check that detects emotions in you. Finding them is a matter of celebration.

Be sure, pride, envy, jealousy, shame, fear, and not denied, no bother, do not be angry. Check them and move deeper into this investigation. Consider both your emotions as this investigation and bringing visitors to appropriate valuable signals observed thoroughly deserve and seriously: they arise from actions that lack of energy or closed-mindedness, have not been taken yet but they are essential. You may see yourself implementing some behavior not yet frequented by you and that naturally arise as a result of having realized as it was responding. You will notice that this reference material is highly revealing. That is not a standard questionnaire Bach Flowers, but the result of years of experience working with combined techniques relating to behavior and emotions.

When you come across with more hard feelings, remember that they are the flipside of all its hidden potential: the blackness of his own light and you are posing a challenge and an opportunity. Not to treat them with wisdom, a part of his life undoubtedly darkened. When you feel some of this is a sign that it feels incomplete, that there is a kind of bump inside the stumbling again and again. This lack comes over everyone with a view to improvement. The task of the essence is to fill that hole and smooth way. Therefore, the recommendation is worth trying openly emotional weaknesses. Taking fresh impetus with adequate energy, get through the toughest emotions and look beyond them and that imposed mental curtain. Remember, only allowing light to enter in consciousness is possible to start this wonderful show, in this new scenario that all men and it appears wonderful, exciting, worth living but from an emotional current weakness is not even possible imagine. There is a bright destiny for all people, there are changes that everyone can do but they do not become visible to the minds that are clouded by emotions unnecessarily conflict. Liberate your emotions with this method and see what counts in a short period of time. All humanity owes much of his personal dreams to men like this that sincere feeling envious of the birds, he invented a special vehicle marking a before and after in the time people and expanding the dreams of all people. “Every symptom, every disease is the last stage of a much deeper cause which lies in the mind” Such is the philosophy of Bach.

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