Outside, many exercises can be performed. Tree trunks or small walls, the located to the Balancing or skipping are suitable, can be found on each walk. As well, search games on the daily dog-walking round increase the attention of our dogs. A treat or favorite toys in the grass hiding, are a nice change of pace and demand all the senses of the dog. Kong, feed ball & biscuit roll of Kong is made of robust hard rubber and can be filled are. Since the Kong is well to clean, can fill him with many goodies such as dog food, small dog biscuits, spread or Pate. The Eiskong was the summer hit (Kong is filled with frozen soup or yogurt). The dogs try to lick the toys with her tongue.

Due to its shape, the Kong remains constantly on the move and the dog must change its position again and again. There is the Kong appropriately matched to the size of the dog in different sizes. You should have his own Kong in several dogs for every four-legged friends, in order to avoid disputes. Also, the Kong should be not too small, so he can not be swallowed. Also, it is not as Chewing bones and the dog should be taken to the back after complete emptying. The feeding ball is similar to principle. He has one or more openings, which treats fall, if the dog shoves the ball through the apartment. Also here, cleverness and flexibility are promoted.

To promote mobility, you can also build a slalom (gardening) chairs. Gradually to increase the pace and very clever dogs eventually run the slalom on command even without people. Who knows him, still, the beam from the physical education? This exercise is a beautiful balance exercise for dogs: to take a broad, stable Board and turn it on two (not too high) stable boxes: the balance beam for dogs is already finished. This exercise requires much relaxation and concentration but very much fun, as soon as the dog has to understand, what is at stake. You can garden in accordance with these games to a course again combine an ideal game for child and dog (please not unattended with small children!). Dogs that like to fetch, wonderfully in the budget can be incorporated. They can help the container empty PET bottles or bring the laundry to the washing machine. Some dogs must put carefully the Sunday newspaper at the breakfast table, and they are not too greedy, take even the bag of rolls from the Baker home. These things are just a few examples of how dog and owner can have fun in everyday life. Enjoyment of the game and a little creativity sweeten the everyday life and promote the physical and mental load. Because not only motion, but also intellectual work can keep the dog. The trainers of the top dog school wish lots of fun you and your dog! Your team from Schonfelder DogCoaching the mobile dog trainer Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 64 68 98 12 Tel.: + 49 (0) 17 22 71 66 97

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