Balearic Island

One-week seminar in Majorca provides pure nature and improves the stability of the body off the beaches and party miles Mallorca offers perfect setting for mental travelling and muscle training a breathtaking nature. In autumn, when the last summer tourists have left the popular Balearic Island, the four elements of water, fire, air and Earth in Majorca will really be implemented. The warming power of the Sun and cooling by the winds roaring up form an interesting contrast, perfectly complemented by the sea swimmer still warm but already higher waves. The Brown, warm earth tones do the rest for the overall mood. The holiday seminar by health coach Barbara Luigs, who wants to help the participants through a balanced mix of active and relaxing elements and exercises improved body awareness and life balance plays with these elements.

Here, the seminar aims to help to help themselves”from the exercises can be seamlessly integrated into everyday life after the holiday week. On the Program including meditations, an autumn hike, massages and of course one-man and group coaching are.

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