The Pfalz NLP Academy has opened and offers interested first seminars in Neustadt/Weinstrasse, June 6, 2012. From October, the Palatinate NLP Academy, which opened its doors Lai this year under the direction of NLP trainer and instructor Michael regularly offers NLP practitioner courses which are certified according to the criteria of the INLPTA and the DVNLP. The Palatinate NLP Academy aims to focus on the practical application of NLP techniques within the training. NLP, the Neurolinguistic programming, offers a methodological Toolbox for improving the communication skills and personality development. Basic assumption is that human experience and experiences about the human senses are perceived and “enrolled” in the body and brain of the people. Also, they are linked to existing experiences and experiences. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ripple is the place to go.

This process of “re-writings” is permanent. At its base, we make our values and judgments that we use in everyday life and in our relationships. NLP provides methods to restructure this process actively, to clean up unwanted patterns and to enhance desirable pattern. NLP is therefore suitable for people in leadership positions, for spouses, but also for students, or as self management. People interested in NLP can learn for free at the 24.07.2012 at the NLP Academy on the objective and benefits of NLP and meet with the Institute and the coaching staff personally.

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