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Quality monitoring supports employee satisfaction of Tubingen, August 30, 2011 – “call center agent recruiting study 2011”, including the call center Germany e.V. of Association of has participated in the, shows the importance of employer branding, when it comes to recruitment and employee turnover in call centers. For almato GmbH the judicious use of quality monitoring and coaching can contribute here, because these systems have a direct impact on the success and thus the satisfaction of the workforce. The company from Tubingen calls call center operators against this background, to re-evaluate the importance of quality and coaching in customer service. Almost 50 companies were asked study trends, success rates, and success factors in the recruitment of service staff. According to the survey average adjusted two of ten applicants for a job interview for a call center employment. However, one of the two new employees leaving the company 12 weeks already.

The Ratio of applicants to successful permanent so is ten to one. The average time spent by the employees is also according to the study about three years”, reported Peter s. Hall, Managing Director of almato GmbH. There is here my opinion after much air above. The study sees especially in the employer branding. great potentials” The respondents call center are already carrying out employer branding, longer bind employees to himself. The average length of stay is here with a rise of 33 percent a year longer, and the short time fluctuation was only half as high. Also the recruiting budget has an influence on the success, because according to study also the success of recruitment increases with the budget.

From a budget of 500 per setting, above-average success rates have been achieved. The concept of employer branding is only slowly accepted, and is often differently interpreted and implemented.

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