Heike Bangert Wang

The practice of systemic therapy and integrative solutions informed by systemic therapy can be developed individual problems in the overall context of interpersonal relationships and solutions found for this. The coaching does not appear here as the norm, yet in many cases, proving the best way to clarify specific issues. From its long-standing practice as a Naturopath for psychotherapy is Heike Bangert Wang insight into the systemic coaching. In the systemic coaching, the basic assumption is that the problems of an individual in connection with his living environment are. Systemic coaching is used in very different contexts.

For individuals, the systemic therapy is attached among other things then, if they are looking for ways, want to redefine changes in their lives to realize or their life goals. But even then, systemic coaching can be beneficial if the client suffers from anxiety or sadness. Even when the This approach has proved very effective treatment of burn-out patients. Systemic coaching is applied not only in the context of the treatment of individuals, but is also an important tool in the current therapies for couples or families. The individual coaching can be useful, if can arise disproportions in the therapy of multiple clients or specific issues in the presence of the other parties are not discussed. In family therapy, this is including the case when the focus lies on the parental problems and the child seems rather uninterested or parents strongly mediated by blocking access to him stereotypes about the child. Couple therapy, the separate consulting of one or both partners is then attached, if the interests of the partners vary or separation conflicts exist. However should be seen from within the couples therapy then of a one on one coaching, if open up apportioning blame.

The individual coaching of a partner can be in an unstable relationship Favor ending the partnership. Despite all the diversity and individuality of clients, a silent companion of many therapy contexts is the constant self-reflection and the question after the self image. Because from there may announced the goal of a more positive perception of the self and a correspondingly modified perception of the environment and adapted to the thinking and acting. Heike Bangert Wang and her husband Hilmar Wang could help with their offerings in the context of systemic consulting has numerous clients in difficult life situations. The systemic coaching has proved a useful concept. A related site: Brad Garlinghouse mentions similar findings. For further information and questions on the topic, Heike is Babar Wang always available.

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