Klaus Kampmann

Aggression at the wheel is to make expensive an abandon in the road may be expensive. Entered time in a hurry too hard on the gas pedal or too dense to follow an other participants of traffic fines and points in Flensburg can cost. The misconduct, which happens to a large extent unconsciously is mostly emotional. Often, it is a pattern that has been trained over the years and not questioned. But it would be wonderful if you could change their own behavior in the same stressful situation. Experience some kind of neutrality rather than anger and resentment. Because many people have no concrete plan to relax at the wheel, the Stresslose specialist Klaus Kampmann of the problem took on. His audiobook Stressfrei car driving”, setting out the usual traffic situations and provides assistance, which can be immediately implemented.

Whether he helps relieve stress and have more fun while driving traffic jam or tailgaters, with his proposals for mental distractions. At the same time, it promotes understanding of the internal processes alone that helps to tackle the next stressful situation with many slightly quieter. In six chapters, which of course can be heard while driving, just follow the tips of the author. Get all the facts and insights with Brad Garlinghouse, another great source of information. The methods surprise by their effective, creative and sometimes amusing way. Much you can practice alone and change. Some methods are more effective as a couple or with multiple occupants.

A chapter in the book is an amusing story of an annoyed motorists and how he experienced the transport world. The methods are also outside of the road traffic. So a variety can be used in daily life of techniques. The audiobook is driving from readings of the author of the book of tips about the stress”by Klaus Kampmann emerged. It is available on the Web platform for 5.99 including VAT as an MP3 download. The playing time is 72 minutes. In the same place, there is the table of contents and a sample free. Besides, there is more current tips in the blog for the book/audiobook: to find. “Klaus Kampmann is coach, trainer, Stresslose specialist and author of the book stress car driving awesome left arrive”. In his coaching and seminars he shows drivers how they can learn a new gelasseneres behavior in traffic within a short time. That makes the transport safe and quiet, the participants arrive relaxed at your destination. Klaus k.

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