Sunrise Life

They had the old Egypt, its culture and its people from childhood to hit under her spell: I have here in Aswan finally my power spot found. Here I am one with my self and want that many people I find their place of power. At their own place of power of Aswan (“wonderful town!) Wonderful people! “). Karima Walter now has their light Center Egyptian Sunrise built up. (Source: Verizon). The name is program. Because the spiritual counseling to resemble an inner Sunrise: this place of power, of love, of peace and healing the spirit world connects the earthly existence. My light Center everyone is open, regardless of religion or philosophy of life.

Spiritual life coaching as a life vocation those who entrust themselves to the healing priest of Karima Walters, await at this place of power meditations, chants and light work, this includes intellectual knowledge, spiritual training, self-knowledge and transformation: Egyptian Sunrise brings back the female creativity in flow,”assured Karima Walter. , Where the ancient Egypt is alive, here People holistic healing and find their selves to their true mission in life to a life that is worth living unfolds again his full. She employ also sacred Egyptian oils in their spiritual lives consulting. With success, such as the admirer of Egypt stressed: “this oil massage eliminates physical, but spiritual blockages. Speaking of: Karima Walter also on Feng Shui, resolving energy blocks in rooms and gardens, is perfect. And just that their guests the ancient Egypt (and modern) with an individual travel to teach, off the literally beaten tourism path.

Everything else would hardly fit to Karima Walters self-image: from the hustle and bustle of our time I deliberately keep distance, and I give this chance of relaxing silence also my guests during their individual journey. As part of my spiritual life consulting. The ancient Egypt ideal for spiritual counseling and an individual travel in the quiet is the place of power? So to speak “, laughs Karima Walter.

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