Barbara Prinzing

Thanks to the professional hypnosis, hypnotist training at the IGM can be everyone. Stone (Switzerland). -Hypnosis you hardly mind arrives: assumes a very special charisma alone from this word. It won’t let one go. Oracle has compatible beliefs. Fascinated. Sometimes irritates.

And it easily leads to a completely one-sided assessment “, explains the head of the renowned Swiss Institute for holistic methodology, Barbara Prinzing. “It leaves no doubt: who wants to be a hypnotist and therefore in our Institute, training makes a hypnosis, leads typically therapeutic reasons. Because he wants to coach his fellow optimally. Or with EMDR and other methods at least in certain aspects to be trusted. The pure show effect because should nobody be hypnotist and opt for the sophisticated hypnosis training her and her team. Hypnotist – for optimum coaching, EMDR and more who would like to become a hypnotist, to even “spiritual control wait to be able to obtain, on his opponent with hypnosis Training on the wrong platform, warns Barbara Prinzing: “we are of the IGM hypnosis school, indirectly help make and use positive pulses wants, such as coaching.

And more: we provide therapists and people who coach, but also lay people interested in the opportunity to intensively to meet the therapeutic possibilities of hypnosis hypnotist and apply them. The program admissions in Autogenous and mental training as well as an overview of EMDR will completed by, Barbara Prinzing is convinced of, that education can be achieved with our modern hypnosis sustainable solutions. In a lot of areas. The hypnosis techniques, which gives the IGM, offer effective support, for example, the coach. Where coaching and coaching not the same thing as Barbara Prinzing: our hypnosis training supports the dedicated laity, which has identified self mental blockages, with relatives or friends or maybe even to them through Coaching break and therefore want to be a hypnotist. At the other end of the spectrum are professional coaches and therapists, the fundamentals of EMDR and other forms of therapy to professionally use.

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