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Objectives in writing fix objectives in mind is one thing to have. However, goals is much more effective in writing to fix. As a result, they get a much higher priority. Jurgen Heinrich advises to write the ten main objectives – namely daily! So they are correctly anchored in the subconscious. Important here: It should not be to the pesky duty! Rather, it should be fun and joy out.

Keep in mind holism what good a 1,000,000 in the account if a partner is missing, with which you can enjoy that? Or when the dream finally be his own, but no time, to fill it with life? Holism is the keyword here. Consider all areas of life: health, family/friends, professional, financial and social aspects are included. Considering its focus only to a range of mostly the others suffer. Time frame set many people overestimate what they can accomplish in one year and underestimate what they can achieve in ten years. Therefore the objectives should be in short -, medium – and long-term are classified. What want to get in a year, which in ten years, and how life in 20 years looks? Monthly monitoring of success a success control should be performed at least once in a month to determine whether it is still on track. It is important to consider what has been achieved in this months and what that was.

Also the fact that it has not yet reached certain things, can be helpful. There is certainly also reasons. Perhaps the measures were simply insufficient, such as too little customer appointments. This is not discussed, it is not possible to correct the course in a timely manner. It is noted, however, why certain objectives were not achieved, it is possible in time to take counter-measures. Jurgen Heinrich giving more tips on the subject of objective on his DVD home complete course “Sales personality” and even more intense in his practical and implementation of strong Erfolgscoachings.

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