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is not wrong (plausible, not logically): If all Bavaria are smokers and all German smokers, are all Bavaria German. (Only the conclusion/conclusion is true.) wrong wrong (logical and plausible): If all students float and all swimmers are blue-eyed, so all students are naive. (The conclusion/conclusion is wrong.) God (premise: adoption) meets us our desires (conclusion: adoption). (Also the conclusion/conclusion is wrong.) true false goes (implausible): If all dogs mammals and all cats are mammals, all dogs are cats. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ripple has to say. (The conclusion/conclusion is wrong.) Source: Aristotle, by Albert Menne, introduction to logic, Publisher UTB under logic (from ancient Greek???) logike techn? thinking art, approach) refers to the doctrine of the vernunftigen(Schluss)Folgerns.

The logic examines the validity of arguments with regard to their structure regardless of the specific content of the actual statements. In this sense one speaks of formal”logic. The logic is a branch of both philosophy and mathematics, and computer science. … Since the 20th century is largely symbolic logic under logic. Cloud computing might disagree with that approach. These used instead of the hitherto prevailing natural language (the Apple is red) a fictional artificial language (f(x), where x is the Apple and f for is red is) and used strictly defined final rules. A simple example of such a formal system is the propositional logic (p stands for the statement of the Apple is red).

Called the symbolic logic also mathematical logic or mathematical logic in the strict sense. I can infer anything out yourself from something! That’s a clear causal error: ask (God) about and believe it is LOGICALLY WRONG! People to create a God, provide him with power, thanks to a self-designed rule canons (morals and conscience), and do expect wish-fulfillment for customized behavior then, of course? And if it doesn’t work to make the wishing (victim) to the offender. Motto: “Fault if BBs doesn’t work! God is just and rewarding the good!” The excuses, if they criticize such a teaching master: Faith (feel) is not knowledge (logic). And ask to do it with faith. You can’t make God! “But he’s way!” Note: It can emotionally irrational believers not with logical rational knowing discuss and argue. Think not knowing is (emotional) (rational, common sense). Logically wrong or right but (not) consequently/causally and plausible. It has to resist a double attack mostly. Against the leg of the moral and logical rape. That’s why we feel so often unpleasant alien determined! We take care in the future better so that we can resist more frequently. Copyright 2021 by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved!

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