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Mankind has long been concerned with questions of what determines our future? How to influence the course of history? Can this be done by one person? And if you can – it must be truly extraordinary personality. During the millennia of history has been many examples of prominent politicians, scientists and public figures, through which the country or even a whole civilization is entering a new stage of development. Ladies and gentlemen, dear readers! We live in unique period of history. We have witnessed just such a global event, turning in the development of one of the largest countries – Russia. Let's look at the facts. Ten, fifteen years ago, during the heyday of our expanse of "wild capitalism" – we saw a general decline, looting, the rapid decline of Russia's image in the world. The Russian economy shows high and stable growth, foreign investors are more willing to place in the country its capital. A huge role in achieving these results has played the policies pursued by President Vladimir Putin.

Structural changes in the organization of power, which they were held, led to a significant increase in the level of unity and executive discipline, establishing order in the economy. Russia has regained its leading position in the international political arena. Increased patriotism Russians themselves, their pride in country, faith in the future of their homeland. This is a high spirit of a nation, its heritage, because it is strong in spirit – and the people and the country – always come out victorious in all battles. Can we say that Vladimir Putin – a prominent politician and an outstanding personality? Absolutely. Before us is a really strong person who can directly and categorically expressing their opinion. His concise and accurate answers to the most provocative questions and his assessment of the events and actions of other politicians – are quoted, duplicated, create public opinion.

For his words are deeds. That is why it supports most of the population Russia, and many citizens of other countries. Let's consider how these results were achieved thanks to the personal qualities of Vladimir Putin. To influence the course of history, successfully manage such a large country and carry out a principled foreign policy – must be strong, solid, outstanding person. It is the personal qualities of Vladimir Putin command respect not only his supporters but his opponents, who forced to reckon with his opinion. If you compare Putin with many other prominent politicians of our time – I think you'll agree that it will stand out from among his composure, clarity, confidence, determination. Outstanding achievements of great people celebrate with high awards. The highest award of the Russian Federation – "Hero of Russia". Many believe that Vladimir Putin is worthy to receive this award. Also worthy of the title 'Best politician in recent history 2008yy 2001. " Anyone who wants to support the awarding of Vladimir Putin and express their views on these matters may do so on a popular site open voting "Putin – the best! "

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