The Meaning of Work

They suck and absorb all the bright and happy. Weekdays are much alike, the weekend also strongly differ happy here and never looks But if you decide to break this vicious circle? For example, instead of going to sleep on Tuesday at 22:30 (as usual), go outside and walk a bit before bedtime. And the next day You must be a wonderful mood. And you can at the weekend to get up early to wear sports clothes and run around a little, or like to go fishing. You can do a lot of different things. You just need to clarify for themselves what everyday life – the worst of evils and the greatest obstacle to happiness. 3.

Insist on your own if you're right. How often do we give to others the right to vote, decision or exercise of choice! We give in to his boss, because we are afraid fall into disfavor. Inferior to their parents, because we love them and do not want to disappoint them. What a joy! But by taking some important decision and defend it, you can feel happy. Why you ask? It's simple: when you insist on (especially if you're right about this), people see that you have an opinion. And that means you're in their eyes, and in their too, become a person.

4. Allow yourself to luxury. Nothing makes us so happy as a luxury that we ourselves suddenly able to afford. The easiest way – to buy a fancy expensive thing necessary for you. And you can just sleep in the output until one o'clock, and then all day watching tv or reading a book and do absolutely nothing. Sometimes not doing anything just to be engaged, to own the same pleasure. 5. Must do good deeds. Generally, the concept of "good cause" in this case – is very wide. And the meaning of it I'm so I understand that to do something good and pleasant for someone else. For example, give a close, loved one flowers or a toy just like that, without provocation. Such gifts – the best, because they can always give with love. 6. Need to encroach on the inaccessibility. Do not be afraid to set himself goals which at first glance, may seem out of reach. Nevertheless, experience shows: most of the planned can become a reality. And it can bring incomparable happiness. If something very much and want to make this a maximum effort, the unattainable dream can materialize. It is only necessary to overcome the fear of the upcoming challenges, and then themselves difficulties seem just steps to the dream, not a stumbling block. A happy person can be easily, if not currently aware of fictitious problem. We build our own destiny and choose to be or not be Fortunately in our lives. Believe in happiness – and they will come to you!

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