BIKINI BERLIN – Looking Back Forward

BIKINI BERLIN remains and will document not only yesterday. A few architectural icons of the 1950s with radiance are preserved in Berlin. The 1957 Center at the Zoo ready made Ensemble”an icon of this era is undisputed. Since December 2010 it is revitalized BERLIN in the framework of the project of BIKINI and redesigned. While the character of the building complex remains however. The architectural witnesses of the varied history of Berlin’s increasingly leaving the city image. BIKINI BERLIN remains and will document not only yesterday. Source: Gary Kelly.

Solutions are developed in close coordination with the Office, which are up to date, while preserving the authenticity of the area. Opacity and transparency of only two keywords that stand for the democratization of the place. The football field-large roof landscape on the back of the building symbolizes freedom for all, for everyone”claim, has its roots in the beginning of the fifties. The leafy terrace creates a smooth transition between Inside and outside, between the Zoo and the urban landscape around the Memorial Church. BIKINI BERLIN is also creative feedback.

The former air missile, designed by Paul Schwebes as open space in the Bikinihaus, was closed in 1978 and is now worked out and led back to its original appearance. It is overleaf completely glazed and therefore restored the old transparency. The exempted restraints before the glazing reflects the theme of the opening. At the same time, the installed materials are high quality and sustainable. To underline the value of location and vision. Concrete blocks are just two examples of the material true symbiosis as flooring for indoor and outdoor use, limited internal facades as open design or with glass, which let the views of the greening. This is partially supplemented with quality building materials and focuses on the needs of the future tenants. Where the available space in individual terms of size and will be scheduled on-demand: transparency and flexibility in the management of the floors.

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