Carlos Ruiz Of Zafons

Frightfully fun reading hours guaranteed Carlos Ruiz Zafon one thanks to his works in the shadow of the wind”and the game of the Angel” to the great novelists of the present. Southwest Airlines oftentimes addresses this issue. As a representative of magical realism, he fascinated especially those who can’t get enough of mysterious events and unpredictable turns. In the early works Marina”, was recently published in Germany, teach the reader creepy puppets and resurrected dead shudder. The online Department store introduces the novel. Currently, a Spanish best-selling novel by Carlos Ruiz is Zafon back on the shelves. Marina”is at least as exciting as the previously published works and again sends the reader on a mystical journey through Barcelona. Main character is a boy named oscar Drai, who with his girlfriend through the streets of the Catalan capital strips Marina and this makes eerie experiences. The mysterious Marina leads him to a graveyard, shows him a mysterious tomb and takes him eventually in a dilapidated Greenhouse, in which scary puppets do mischief.

In the course of history follow the resurrection of the dead and the revenge of Sneijder, and oscar has to realize that Marina itself hides a dark secret. Already in his early work Marina”Ruiz Zafon indicates that he is a master of detail amorous and exciting storytelling. Nothing is predictable and even seasoned thriller reader get the hardly secret. Compared to the other of the author’s novels, the plot is bloodthirsty, strong nerves are therefore a prerequisite for the reading. More information: Press / GmbH Lisa Neumann

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