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September 16, 1992 entered the history of England under the symbolic name "Black Wednesday". Now – an American investor and philanthropist – George Soros brought down the British currency, as provided off his career and successful financier trader, earning on the sharp devaluation of the pound / dollar (12%) in just a day to more than $ 1 billion. From that day, Soros was referred to as "The man who broke the Bank of England." Since mid-1992 has a full arsenal of traders' abilities – acute and sagacious mind, an adventurous nature, education and some practical experience of speculative (not always successfully), George Soros was buying pounds little by little so as not to cause a wave of suspicion. "Put together" the 62-year-old stage of life with adequate financial reserves, George Soros has found it possible to buy the 15 billion deutsche marks at the current rate 2,8180 GBP / DEM, triggering a sharp fluctuations in supply / demand for financial market due to the threat of currency shortages and stermitelnoe depreciation of the pound sterling. Subsequently, drawn by Soros in these conditions experience turned into a theory according to which, decisions about buying and selling made based on expectations of future price. And since the wait state in humans are not psychologically stable, it is easily exposed to attack. Envisioning the collapse of any national currency consists of the successive blows of information through media sources, combined with real action in the financial markets – currency speculators, loosening the financial market. In the period speculative conversions Soros British finance minister Norman Leymont raise interest rates from 10 to 12 and then to 15%, trying to defend the pound on speculation.

Fortunately Soros, no foreign exchange intervention participants international financial markets – the European national banks failed to halt the decline in the pound. By the end of September rate was fixed at 2,509 GBP / DEM, and at this moment the American speculator bought pound depreciated by 15 billion marks. Increased demand for the pound picked up his course and allowed the George Soros money, variously estimated at $ 1-1,5 billion in state by George Soros in the world today is estimated at 7.2 billion dollars. Became significant that the charity Soros has donated more than $ 5 billion. Here is what hides zasoboy concept forex.

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