Ethanol Consumption

When considering the other fuels used by all the it floats, mainly the vehicles with diesel engine, the ethanol consumption distillate of the sugar cane in 2006 was of 18% of fuel the total consumption of the road sector the Dr. Sergio member Arancibia of the consulting equipment of Deproimca before this reality exposes to us, that does not fit the smaller doubt, than within Brazil, exists an important captive market for the ethanol. They circulate around the country more than 30 million automobiles and in year 2010 one calculates that 2.5 additional million took place. Of the new cars, two million have the device " flex-fuel" that it allows them to choose at any time between using ethanol completely or using the ethyl gasoline with ethanol. The old woman cars do not have more option than to use the ethyl gasoline with 25 ethanol, because pure gasoline in the majority of the Brazilian states is not sold. The pure ethanol use is cheaper than to use the gasoline mixture with ethanol, but it has the disadvantage that forces to load the pool most frequently, because it has a shorter operational range.

But for short trips within the city, ethanol represents one indicates advantage in prices for the consumer. All this leans, in addition, with discriminatory taxes that stimulate the use of the ethanol As in addition the ethanol has the possibility of exporting itself to the North American market, its production represents a currency entrance and a positive stimulus in the external accounts of the country. But What is the ethanol. On the matter ala, queel Ethanol is a chemical compound that can be used like fuel, either, or only mixed in amounts varied with gasoline, and its use has extended mainly to replace the consumption of derivatives of petroleum. The resulting fuel of the mixture of ethanol and gasoline knows like gasohol or alconafta.

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