Consumer Behavior

Before asking for clothes to a man, look at the clothes that he wears (Yoruba, Nigeria) the consumer is a very important actor in any commercial transaction, can not be neglected by the management of markets, attention should be paid to its characteristics, its profile, more, when it has been selected according to the segmentation of markets that has been defined as objective goal. It must be attentive in their behavior, behavior, habits, procurement processes in order to give way to strategies of markets that encourage you to keep them loyal to the product or service that is offered. In this article, we present some aspects that cannot be ignored by the management of markets in favor of satisfying consumers, study its scope and impact that it cannot generate, especially all the considerations to be taken into account for the benefit generated by the study of the behavior of the consumer. In the Venezuelan case, unfortunately, there is an absence of consumer culture and in this respect there are companies that have done very little to educate them; the Venezuelan is easy prey to advertising media significantly affect their behavior, affecting them and causing them serious problems in the acquisition of products giving way to satisfaction of artificial needs and many times more, some act as destabilizing the social order, causing the increase of violence, insecurity, theft in order to buy some products from certain brands that allow them recognition, social status, as in the case of certain sports footwear, shirts, cars among others. There are those who do not realize, that understand the behavior of consumers is good business. Taken into account, laying down a basic concept of marketing there are brands to consumers needs. These needs can meet only to the extent that marketers understand people. organizations, which will use the goods and services that it is sell you, and do so better than competitors. .

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