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It plays an important role very fact of membership, for example, to something new or prestige. 3. Go-to brands. These brands are spaced further away from human values and choices are made on the basis of functional characteristics. So brands are usually owned by large market share.

As a rule, settled in the minds of consumers, these brands are long retain their positions of leadership in a specific category. 4. Switchable brands. Brands in this group are substitutes or alternatives for Go-to brands. Their use when consumers want to save money or for whatever reason can not have access to the brands previous category. 5.

Out-there brands. This group includes brands that consumers face, but they do not have caused them no emotion, no desire to re-contact. 6. Orphan brands. This brand, which consumers do not yet have enough knowledge. It is safe to carry brands that are only entered the market. If these companies represent products or services that have some exceptional properties, or have a significant novelty, they can quickly take a more advantageous position in the minds of consumers. 7. Unknown brands. Brands living knows where, on their consumers have never heard of and have no ideas. And now, when there is in the hands of such a card, you can ask yourself some questions. What are your personal values? By experience I often have to deal with the fact that some people are not very well aware of their own values. But even more amazingly, some people do not realize their mixes with and attitudes. Where are you now? Brand name of your level of perceived important audiences for you? This may be employers, clients, friends, coworkers, etc. On a shelf for them is your personal brand? Where do you want to be? Brand of what level you want to be and to whom? Where sent your main vector? What should I do to take the right position? What are your most significant actions for the appropriate audience? And yet, what will you do for your brand right now? Valery Bo – Personal brand navigator. If you have any questions on creating and promoting your personal brand, then send them here:

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