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Worse still, the company can keep its furniture in its warehouse until you pay the new price to him. 4. – To choose a company without insurance of merchandise, transport, civil responsibility or warehouse. It demands to his company of changes the insurances in vigor and that these are including in the budget or contract, or of changes or warehouse. It can verify his file of complaints in his local office of Attention to the Consumer, or what the clients in of that one company think.

5. – To make its change in high season. The companies of changes, especially the good ones, estan very occupied in the summer. The best supplies for to their will have them change during the winter and the second and third weeks of every month of the year. The first week of every month will leave to him but expensive because many renters leave their residences, since he is when the majority of contracts of rent of houses is signed. Source: VMWare Integrations.

6. – To make the change without a contract of services. – He never leaves somebody initiates his change without a written contract that details the services that you are going to receive, the insurance of the company and how much they will have to pay. If you do not feel like comfortable with the budget of the change or the contract, she does not sign it. 7. – Not to comment with the company the reality of its change. Perhaps its floor is in the fourth floor of a building without elevator, perhaps you have not commented on metallic bookcases in the cellar and that is wanted them to take, perhaps the street of its new home is too small for a truck of changes. No of these obstacles is insurmountable, but it will cause that their change is more expensive. Although is not said it to the company of changes, they will not ignore it and they will receive it. 8. – To make the change by its account because it leaves to him cheap but. – IT KNOWS To pack its equipment correctly? To disassemble the furniture? To load its furniture and equipment in a truck? To drive the car-removal van to its new home. This can take more time to him of the predicted thing and if it also rents a vehicle can merit to him more by the estimation of the time, and probably he will not be so happy with the result when he is everything placed in his new home. Unless mudanzamuy is one small or although it has pile of friendly that him they must favors and they would make use to him, values the budget of company of changes.

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