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A number of companies to apply enough signatures and the date of the Secretary. If the authorities refuse to accept your application, it must send a registered letter. Often when a good relationship with authorities do not have to work out the employee laid two weeks, and it is fired as soon as he finishes the current case. In some cases, to transfer all the projects in two weeks is impossible, so the employee may remain in the company for another month or more. If after the application of care you do decide to stay, you have every right to withdraw its application. However, in this situation, be prepared for that, even if your company is different democratic management style, and the chief – loyalty, return to his previous attitude and restore the credibility you will not be easy. If your decision to leave the company and finally irrevocably, remember that the manager and the staff will initially review your care as treachery and betrayal. Naturally, no one boss does not want to lose a valued employee and colleague – a trusted friend and specialist.

During those two weeks, which by law you have to work out at the old place after the filing of notice of resignation, you may encounter with the contempt and disregard for superiors and colleagues envy and exclusion and former friends. . Of course, if the time for teamwork developed friendly relations, and the chief has a rare gift in a position to enter any employee leaving the company will be relatively painless. Unfortunately, there is much more likely to reverse a situation in which the departing employee to not hide the sharp negative attitudes. In this case, try to treat the situation as calmly and rationally. Remember that no matter how were the relations in the team to leave the company with dignity. Think of retirement as a past stage of your life to which you will not be back. The most successful way farewell to former colleagues – to set the table and wish the staff well-being and future success. If you have a good relationship with the boss, help me to find you a replacement and leave recommendations for a new employee.

Some leaders are to meet the staff member and arrange for them to interview, during which they listen to the expert and friendly atmosphere and find out the true cause of care. This is useful as employee and the company itself, as it allows to keep a positive attitude, despite the fact that the employee is no longer part of the company. If the termination process went smoothly, and now you have to transition into a new company. In order to avoid stress at this stage, it is desirable to arrange a little vacation, which will help to gain strength before the new work. Do not forget that in a previous company, you still gained valuable experience that certainly come in handy in the future, and try to realize that life changes are inevitable, but so be adjusted positively and with confidence about the future.

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