Ergometer Treadmill

Treadmills and other fitness equipment by brand manufacturers company CORPUSCOACHING in Hamburg presented on its Internet site a large number of fitness equipment for both private and commercial customers. The offered fitness devices in addition to the rowing machines, vibrating platforms, Krafstationen and wheel trainer / Ergometer especially crosstrainers and treadmills. The high standard of quality that shows fitness equipment by the following major manufacturers vision stand fitness, Horizon Fitness, life fitness as well as Reebok, WaterRower, and UNOFitness for a high quality of the offered fitness equipment. Horizon Fitness is a brand and subsidiary company Johnson founded in 1975 health TEC., which manufactures fitness equipment for more than three decades, that are sold successfully in more than 60 countries. In the segment of treadmills, Horizon Fitness worldwide among the leading manufacturers.

Each treadmill is equipped with extensive Herstellergrantien, so that the customer is always on a nationwide customer service can access. All products by Horizon Fitness are CE certified and produced fundamentally according to European safety standards EN 957 in ISO 9001 certified plant in compliance with high quality standards. Treadmills are the classic among the home gyms. Today is the running or jogging far ver Pap test sports activities and while running on the treadmill, it is independent of the weather. In addition, that running on the treadmill the risk to hurt is significantly lower, because uneven ground and the like do not exist and the danger of cold cold and/or wet weather is not given. One suitable training on a treadmill almost for everyone, because that pace themselves can determine. On the treadmill, you can operate also walking, Nordic walking or training for a marathon.

The modern treadmills have computerized consoles, which offer many different training options. The modern carousels today are on highest technical standard and almost silent during operation so that nobody has to fear that neighbors or roommates are disturbed by the noise during training. Before purchasing a treadmill, it’s advisable consult professionally.

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