Espirito Santo

All the Planet Land, in the part spiritual and material, is under the Supreme Command of JESUS, the CHRIST of GOD. ‘ ‘ Those that passes for us do not go alone. A little of itself leave, take a little of ns’ ‘. To know more about this subject visit Larry Ellison. Saint-Exupry Writer and French Aviator. IT RECEIVED IT IN ITS LAP JESUS knows our closer desires, because he inhabits in the interior of each one of us.

If It did not make this; we nor would exist. He doubts this? He is without air, the water, the food, the fire, the land supports that you and you will discover rapidinho. Why the mother knows the son? Because she gave the Life for it. Why one family receives the Spirit renascente? Because it cannot take care of itself when he is small. the will of sent who me is this: that none I lose of all the ones that gave to me; for the opposite, will make over again I it in the last day. Evangelho de JESUS according to Joo, CAP.

6:39. ‘ ‘ Truily you are admirable, Verb of God, in the Espirito Santo, making with that it if infunda in such way in the soul, that it if joins the God, know the God, and in nothing if glad it are of Deus’ ‘. Saint Maria Madalena de Pazzi Carmelite Catholic – Padroeira Saint of the City of Naples in Italy. Here it is that we are in the necessary times to the improvement spiritual, moral and material, therefore Technological Science advances showing to the Human beings things avanadssimas for the only cerebral man. You, however, Daniel, lock up the words and stamp the book, until the o time of the end; they will investigate many it, and knowing will be multiplied. Book of the Prophet Daniel, CAP.

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