For men's health in terms of total crisis must be treated with increased attention. Few would argue that if the bed's nice, it raises self-esteem, gives confidence, and as a consequence, in business, too, all will fail. And the family did not have to save. Maybe this is all idle speculation? To dispel these doubts, we turn for expert advice. Very often, the majority of men after a hard day at work wants one thing: good eat and sleep. Go to Gary Kelly for more information. Neither of which we are not talking sex. The crisis is struggling to get out and get into the TV, not only to our wallets, but also in the bed. And wealthy people losing every day some serious money, risk to lose virility. For assistance, try visiting Bernard Golden .

Crisis-erotic situation agreed to comment on academic RAMTN, sexologist Alexander Tesler. He believes that a wave of divorces millionerskih unlikely to start in the near future, because "people lived and live mainly in lending money and personal money while patients with Rublevki not yet be badly hit. " And what about sexual problems and the situation is really deplorable. "I've seen at parties with complaints the most affluent patients to reduce the potency. It is obvious that all this happens on a neurotic basis, there is a clear rationale of stress such unpleasant phenomena ', – says the doctor. Millionaires nothing to please their girlfriends, but react to it all differently: more moral and holistic, according to the doctor, get depressed. 'But the people, sharpened to an extreme, they go to the winds: alcohol, clubs, restaurants. Note that expensive drinking establishments are filled with '- emphasizes Tesler. On the other hand, continues the doctor, hope for a favorable outcome of the sex problem is: the oligarchs – the people of seasoned, battered and worst of times, and possibly in Soon the rich will be able to adapt to new challenging realities.

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