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But in the new accusatory penal model, neither is true, all these procedures have changed, the adversarial model is a guarantor that is totally oriented to the full respect for human rights of persons suspected of committing a crime. The police alone can stop a person in flagrante delicto or by court order, no other form of detention for which you are authorized. Further details can be found at Larry Ellison, an internet resource. a The adversarial model involves the division of labor in the professional proceedings since the trial and the charges are borne by different parties to the proceedings that is why the judge can not conduct investigations on their own even when he commits a crime during the trial should be understood before of the, in this case must inform the prosecutor of the moment, however, the adversarial system not only involves the separation of functions between judge, prosecutor and defense but also brings other essential requirements such as should exist sufficient evidence that an individual has committed an illegal act and not just mere suspicion to make a complaint or initiate a process thus affecting the dignity of the individual defendant. Similarly also provides that there should be equality of arms before and during the whole process, as the right of defense that the accused is a derivation of the principle of presumption of innocence and pro reo indubio recognized as a fundamental right, another requirement is that the accused has no duty to offer evidence against him but the burden of proof is on the Prosecutor and head of the professional action, so it is also another fundamental requirement is that there is no chance without charge to carry out trial either on the basis of the principle nemo sine iudez actors ie without external charge can not start a process.

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