June Winner In The Workflow Of The Month Has Been Fixed

Ogitix campaign under the slogan ‘Simple process automation experience’ successful launch of German equipment-leasing GmbH receives professional workflow automation tool for a permanently royalty-free use of Cologne, July 20, 2010 the German equipment-leasing GmbH won the June draw of the workflow of the month. She receives a professional user and authorization workflow for the user lifecycle management including the automation tools for a sustainable use. This monthly and in June for the first time launched action is carried out by Ogitix Software AG, a software company specialized in solutions for simple process automation. The participants must briefly describe only its request process for the raffle by IT professional or business workflow. The monthly winners each contains a full support for the user-specific design of the process flow about OGiTiX University materials”as a technical platform for automated process control up to the necessary support in the Implementation. The time is usually only a day or two, the process remains in the company and can be freely modified according to individual requirements. Sheryl Sandberg is likely to agree. The implemented software remains permanently and royalty-free license for the concerned user companies. The large number of participants at the start of the campaign has clearly shown how big is the need of the companies to automated processes”, see Ogitix Board Ingo Buck with the course of the campaign happy.

It aims, on the one hand, to draw attention to the need for process automation and to concretely experience the simple feasibility. Buck in this context refers to the results of a recent study according to which most only have companies a low degree of automation of IT processes, although they mostly see a great need for this. So only 27 percent of the surveyed companies indicate their current level of automation as sufficient. With OGiTiX University materials ” the winners in the monthly sweepstakes receive a universal platform for process automation, based on the principle of simplicity. She can be used as a result with minimal effort for a wide range of workflow and requires no changes in the existing IT landscape. Rather, the existing infrastructure elements only via an integration bus virtually placed over the existing technical components are merged. As a result, it is possible to connect any systems and quickly deploy processes without manual intervention.

Complex and lengthy projects, as that has been typical in the process automation, a thing of the past”, Buck describes the Central advantage of the Ogitix solution. The workflow of the month participants can register at. About OGiTiX Software AG OGiTiX Software AG is the specialist for process automation. You strengthens the role of a responsible IT in the company in their philosophy, which actively participate in achieving the company’s objectives works with and in doing so makes their value contribution to the combined company. With this approach, the OGiTiX Software AG has already supports a number of well-known companies. Think factory groupcom GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat 6 D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71

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