Gestalt Therapy

It’s a phase, says Jeam Marie Robine, which makes it pass to the Agency of a State of nothing of rest, of muted (Fund), to a reawakening of desire (figure), 14 which gives way to the touchdown phase. Wakes up an appetite and an initiative wants to have activity. This healthy phenomenon becomes pathological when the contact process is interrupted and the experience remains unfinished. The doencas aims to avoid excitement that lets clarify a figure (not allowing the assimilation of material physical or mental). In the neurotic plane, that introyecta assumes his frustrated appetite to invest his affection until you can recognize it. This change of direction is made, simply using the same inhibition.

You want to feel as immature, nasty, etc. Or conversely, if it is an impulse to reject something that is inhibited (oppose forced nutrition), convinces himself that does not want it is good for him, that is what you really want, etc. But catch it without tasting it or chewing it.15, producing then, rather than assimilation, or an introjection or areas of no contact 16. In therapy the Gestalt Therapy is a humanistic therapy where therapist and client form a field agency/environment and are the two, in their relationship that promote change. Let us remember that it makes no sense in the concept of field proposed by Goodman talk about a conversation without partners 17. Based on techniques of giving account allows customer aware of your unfinished Affairs and how now (at the meeting) interrupt the contact process.

Sometimes, makes the customer who goes to therapy, because she feels that it loses some of its vitality and this is manifested in their emotions, their actions. You are not satisfied. His attempts to contact the environment are most often failed and this provides a situation of conflict between his need to organismic and their social context introyectado.

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