To Awaken Or Sound Different

Dear Internet users: we have opened this space in this 5th book for those who know or know that what is called vigil is not anything other than a collective dream and even for those who believe otherwise but want to share ideas that we dream of thinking with those who feel that they are dreamed up or similar things is perhaps not unreasonable that can function as alarm clocks each others and if not at least have shared a dream different… BUTTERFLIES & Paginassone which was a butterfly; now I don’t know if I’m a butterfly who dreams that he is a man or a man who dreams that he is a butterfly.(Chuang Tza)Awake spend US neatly the pages of a book; asleep disorderly pass us the pages of the same book. (Schpenahuer) When these phrases was a child almost side were more or less magical almost live that reality; When teen was almost sunk in such reality after the sword of experience cut thread that connected with paradise lost child (Jean Paul) and then at every stage have become increasingly others Handsome resonances to be the place in which we care to be active in that undefined place that is beyond the rubble of the landfill of the bourgeois day and the Freudian teatrito alarm clocks be is be SONADOEL be this in the dream the dream more peripheral and that more away from the center of awakening authentic is the collective or the vigil of eyes open (Macedonian), but another dream of dreams with dreams of a way more profound also us away from the center of awakening authentic and even sleep without dreams is high from afar that Centre although oximoronicamente by excess of investment that this time very close to be whatever, beyond all the versions, desire that here can find the awakening or different dream and form a fraternity of alarm clocks… Why Ionesco matter here? As with Antonin Artaud believe in that theatre that produces the same quality ontic and phenomenal dreams and as we know that this theatre is that of Ionesco and as we agree with Nicolas Evreinov in that theatre It preceded all religion and magic and that has been the mirror of our situation and but the school for our awakening or best dream, is that we will start to talk about the Romanian who has been the ramana maharshi frustrated after sacrificial martyrdom bear witness to the terrible, everyday as Kafka, and connect us with archaic dimensions and ensure us the baraka of dream original author and source of the article..

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