The correct choice of accessories for dogs is always extremely complicated. Whether it is a problem of carvings, wingspan, size or age always arise us many doubts about if what you are buying fits the precise characteristics of our dog. Within these accessories there is one that stands out and they are necklaces. At Etienne Locoh you will find additional information. In this text we will try to give some practical advice for choosing Greyhound collars and other greyhounds. Firstly we have the problem of the closure.

In the choice of a necklace and the establishment of the right size we should assess the type of collar closure. Us we will focus on three that are the most prevalent: the closure in buckle, the chain and the pullstop. In case of being before a collar with buckle closure will have to take measures of size and check them in our Greyhound, taking into account the measurement parameters that are expressed. E.g. necklaces carvings usually give two numbers that indicate the distance of the buckle to the fourth hole and the first. So for example if the carvings is 33-39 indicates that there is a distance of 39 cm buckle to the fourth hole while there is 33 cm until the fourth.

With these measures you can check that the chosen size suits our dog however if we have a necklace with string closure how to measure changes. We must in fact take into account that this type of necklaces are not opened, but are introduced by sliding them into the dog’s head. To be sure the likes what we know is the diameter of the neck of our Greyhound and subsequently make this reasoning: If the string has a length of 8 cm and does not count in the size, will have to choose a size that is, approximately, the neck of our Greyhound 8 cm from the chain. So insurance that fits perfectly will be including the Collet body + chain. At the same time and in the same way that we have to be sure that the total size of the head in necklaces pullstop by sliding it over the head from the galgo is lower than the collar at its maximum diameter. In fact pullstop collars work just like the chain and its closure has a size extra of 8 cm with the above reasoning is mahdollista for this type of necklaces. We hope that these lines are of help for the correct choice of the collar of his Greyhound and remember the choice of accessories and toys for dogs, it is essential that the specific characteristics of our dog is taken into account. It is the only way to avoid surprises. Original author and source of the article

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