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The rejection of a simple bearing case alone because of the need of such proceedings in advance of the warning appears Thus no longer appropriate (so consequently also the Frankfurt AG in its subsequent decision of 01.02.2010, AZ.: 30 C-2653/09-75). Hence comes the requirement of a substantial violation of law outside of commercial transactions in the foreground. While these issues if there is a current movie, music album, or audiobook always favor the copyright were decided, the situation could represent himself in the case of a single piece of music or a movie that is outdated or not relevant to market something different. It is to determine that the legislator with the introduction of tighter regulations of the substantial intervention as well as with the characteristic of the commercial scale in terms of UrhG came from infringement of 101, must be their relevance integrating quantitative and qualitative aspects of each individual case. So it says in the law explanatory memorandum to 97a UrhG as well: A considerable infringement requires a low level of injury in qualitative as quantitative aspects, While it depends on the circumstances of the case.” (see printed matter 16/5048, S 49) The case law can be used to the commercial scale judgmental therefore on this point. These are factors such as the value of the offered work, the size of the file, to attract the topicality and the market relevance of the work as the decisive criteria. The basic applicability of section 97a II Copyright Act was ultimately by the Federal Court in its press release of May 12, 2010 (press release no 101/10 to the summer of our lives decision) confirmed. The question of the applicability of section 97a UrhG must be assessed in each individual case for themselves ultimately.

While it will be crucial on the kind and number of works made available. The further development in this area remains to be seen. We will keep you still up to date. For more information see this site: Verizon Communications. Her Tobias Arnold urged off-hilfe.de

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