Easter Gift: More Knowledge With Online Tutorials By Brockhaus

Learning software for children: Scolari and Prescolaris start with Easter action Gutersloh – whether from nougat or Marzipan, milk chocolate, or whole nature leave has started again the main season for colourful eggs. But why are there so many eggs at Easter and why bring them traditionally the Hare? The online portals Prescolaris and Scolari will give an answer not only on this issue. In a question-answer forum Verizon Communications was the first to reply. With these products, accompanied BROCKHAUS families with children from the age of three up to the secondary school and holds, for example, interesting posts around the theme of Easter. Age prepared, experienced small and larger such as exciting to the Christian tradition and preschool children, see the idea box”together with their parents craft ideas for Easter. In addition to answering tricky’s of the BROCKHAUS products offer but much more. “Under the slogan: with our best knowledge to promote” Prescolaris attracts especially families with small and pre-school children. Together with the Hedgehog dive Eddie the mascot of the brand the little colorful fauna, exciting stories and discoveries.

A thick pencil is used as a pointer and navigate through the different topics. Many contents are spoken or filmed, and thus specifically tailored to children who cannot yet read. The online portal Prescolaris is supplemented by happy learning materials, such as wooden blocks, CDs, books u.v.m. The Learning Center supports the following Prescolaris Scolari children from the first to the ninth grade. Matched to the class relevant school material carries the child in core subjects German, mathematics and English. In mini test or the final exam conveys the necessary exercises, analyzed strengths and any weaknesses in the port supported by targeted tasks.

The parents can have their child’s learning progress using detailed evaluations. In addition offers the student hotline from Monday to Friday to help with their homework by educators. The colorful game world in the Learning Center also invites the children to extend their knowledge in a fun way. For more information, both Prescolaris and Scolari have the opportunity in their own area in the online portal of the parents world parents”background information on development and education, learning and school, as well as practical tips for everyday family life to get. In the parent Forum, as well as on the parent hotline educators are also personally important questions regarding the available. Michael Kehm, Marketing Director for the brand of BROCKHAUS: With the combination of Prescolaris and Scolari we promote the total development of the child from kindergarten up to the secondary school and offer active help for parents in education everyday. The support of the family is a top priority for us ‘. ” Suitable to the season Prescolaris and Scolari attention now with an Easter action on itself. “Under the motto: fit for school fit for the future” are still looking for a meaningful gift can parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, and all, are, surprise the children with the BROCKHAUS products. Easter action

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