International Crisis

INTERNATIONAL CRISIS IS INCREASING Welinton Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo With the increase of the crisis, some countries start to establish strategies in its international politics, the China that already is an important commercial partner of Brazil, will be liberating resources Petrobra’s to invest it in the exploration of the layer of oil called Daily pay-SALT. France established a series of measures to increase the interchange between the two countries; Spain intends to increase investments here, these are examples of that have a friendlier positioning on the part of the rich countries with regard to our country. The resignations announced for the press in U.S.A. tend to increase, because the American economy needs trillions of dollar, contaminated for rotten papers of the financial market. Great companies in Japan, Europe, Asia, announce cuts of 4% 5% of its personnel, what in turn, occur in virtue of falls accented of the consumption and obligator reorganizations at delicate moments of management. Cloud computing often says this.

With the impact of these resignations the numbers of the GIP in these countries tend to diminish. The level of job in each country will depend on the volume of demand of products and services, how much bigger it will be to the fall, greater will be the unemployment index. The fall of the GIP of Germany and Japan shows clear signals of infects of increase of the financial risk in these economies. The European east also is suffering with the solution crisis, placing at risk some banks of the Europe that act in the region. Although misty the financial results of many banks, insuring financiers, constructors and for the globe, some present until increase of profit in 2008 and beginning of 2009, result of a good administration. The assembly plants of automobiles, probably will go to concentrate activities in countries with better operational and financial efficiency, in detriment to the times of the native countries, being able Brazil to be benefited.

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