An Ombudsman would accept the denunciation on unscrupulous individuals that act covardemente in the blackness, as soa to happen in the bilges of the old military dictatorship, harvesting and distorting information on the too much partners and employees, defaming and exposing, as he happened with me in the previous management. In the occasion, Mr. Carlos Axe, manager of the field club, arrived to alert to me on the fact of that my behavior would be being investigated and monitored for one of these outcasts individuals. They are the famous cowards, scoundrels and ‘ ‘ olheiros’ ‘ , or ‘ ‘ fingers duros’ ‘. An Ombudsman would hear the rumors on the privileged reserve of kiosks, to the weekends, in the club of field. Somebody that leaves empty towels and knapsacks with guided employees to reserve definitive kiosk. The behavior would hear complaints on possible nepotisms in the act of contract of graduated employees (is at least arguable of that alternating positions in the direction have thirty almost years, and with this it guarantees the son in the leaf of payments of the club per years the wire).

It would hear and perhaps ‘ clarified my doubt on the declaration of mine; ‘ amigo’ ‘ advising of the club, Dr. Nelson Alves Pear tree of that it would not have participated of the meeting where was analyzed the Proc. Adm. 23/10, that he resulted in my penalizao, even so the president of the commission certifies its presence, in the final report. In case that the Dr. Nelson has lain me, treat-if-it went only of a lie, however, if the inverdade fit to the president of the commission, allowing that the same it signed the act ‘ ‘ a posteriori ‘ ‘ , without having been present, the crime of FALSE REPRESENTATION configure-if-went. Could the Listener still receive my complaint on the insolent, invasive and illegal attitude of the Edirlene employee, the legal department that tried to dissuade my witness?

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