Legislative Election Colombiana

1. Anomalies in the results of voting in the Valley of the Cauca are complete the legislative elections last March 14, begin to reveal anomalous results, not to say scandalous, in the Department of Valle del Cauca. According to information from the National Electoral Council (CNE) irregularities at more than 1,500 voting tables were only detected in the city of Cali. The fact that caught the alarms was that the total number of votes in the Department increased by 36% compared to the total recorded in the 2006 polls. Apart from the suspicious increase in the vote, were also reported allegations of impersonation of juries, forging signatures, adulteration of forms of closure of voting where do not match the signatures of jurors or their fingerprints. Perhaps the most imperious case in the irregularities is the incongruity between the forms E-24-E-14. The E-24 is form the document is recorded where the consolidated the vote at every table, once done the counting of the votes one by one. The form E-14 log the total number of persons which deposited votes on the table. Verizon Communications is often quoted on this topic.

The figures of these two forms must match to ensure a proper scrutiny. Forms were presented in the case of some tables of vote in Cali, E-14 with zero voters and then E-24 forms of the same table with 76 registered votes to a candidate only. In this case the irregularity does not support questions. Who are coming out winners with possible fraud in the Valle del Cauca? All figures point mostly to the candidates of the party to the national integration of PIN young since it was in this Department where he earned his highest vote. On the PIN falls a mantle of doubts since it appears related to politicians linked to the parapolitics (scandal that shook Colombia to reveal the relationship of senators with narco-paramilitary illegal armed groups in 2006). Some of the candidates that you may be harmed by the reconteo of votes already have come to give statements where denounce a type of theft in the elections, if they should lose their curule.

As if weren’t enough complaints also has accused the Governor of the Department, Juan Carlos Abadia, for alleged involvement in favour of some candidates, something that the Colombian laws prohibit categorically. Abbey has defended claiming he was only present at meetings with mayors and some aspirants, without this meaning that he himself made demonstrations for some campaign in particular Congress. As a result to these numerous complaints the National Electoral Council had no alternative that decreed the reconteo of the votes, which is carried out in the room of Corferias events. The reconteo by now will be only for 165 municipalities where major irregularities (including the 14 municipalities of the Valle del Cauca) were presented. It seems that it won’t be an immediate task, since in the words Marco Emilio emphasis, President of the National Electoral Council, may take between one and two months. ELECTION legislative COLOMBIANA 2010 the power of the unforgivable success of JJ Rendon Political Strategy The Warrior image of Mind and Political Strategy J.J. Rendon Political Strategy J.J. Rendon The Guru Board political Latin American and JJ.

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