Protection Against Earth Radiation

EAF vital and life energy products are the 18.09.2012 online-the life energy products increase and harmonise the vibration frequency of humans, animals, plants and food through an increased concentration of biophotons and can from Earth radiation and ElectroSmog protect. The shielding, Vitalisation and conversion of negative influences from the existing or created environment is the main aspect of the Earth-Angel-life energy products”. With the life energy products environmentally responsible living in harmony with nature. That is the home to an oasis of health. The self-healing powers are activated and the body can rebuild reserves. Through the Earth-Angel-life energy products”, you can protect the health, the home and the workplace noise and get more life energy, life force and vitality. The main objectives of revitalizing life energy products are the screening and transformation of negative Earth radiation and ElectroSmog. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ripple has to say.

But there are even more, effective life energy products for the Improving the quality of life. These include the energizing food and beverages, protection against cell phone radiation, cordless phones/baby filtering, the improvement of water quality, shielding of PCs, the Suppression of electrical appliances, environmentally friendly driving and much more. The working principle of the Earth-Angel-family-friendly products”is the accumulation of organic photon concentration within the existing environment of a people. Man, his food, his drinks, its rooms, his animals, his technique, etc. are using the Earth-Angel-family-friendly products”in the vital and life-building area increased. The bio-photon concentration by the Earth-Angel-life energy products “increases and the body’s self-healing powers can be activated and normalized using the higher number of biophotons. Be additionally by the Earth-Angel-life energy products”positive energy patterns and information using the bio photons into the existing environment of a people brought. From this is the result a constructive interaction with our environment. Our biological system can thus be brought into balance, our health will receive or can regenerate itself and our vitality is stabilized. To get more information on the subject of vital and life energy products”under: Nils Goldenstein

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