Charles Darwin

Think nothing new, You? Thinking we also openly said. A missionary again, this time in the best tradition of a certain strand of natural and social sciences. A lane which divides a quite astonishing tendency with the religion and faith: the absolute claim to truth. The arguments run here, format intellectual to a man of Dawkins’ always amazing, basically as: I can prove that the existence of God and thus the reason religion is almost impossible. If however something does not exist, it makes no sense to give this a place in his life. As a result, all people can discard the shackles of religion, so that, that Yes anyway “for no reason” exists, soon disappear. Oh, God last Dawkins’ Foundation survey found that the most British of the majority religion of their country, Christianity, not very know little, but do not share the central tenets of this religion.

Still plead “uninformed” also by this most as to this religion, which call themselves so as Christians. This nonsense was Dawkins then too far and in an interview on the radio he spoke off trail these people, to belong to a religion. Many of these people eventually do not even know the name of the first book of the Bible. Stupid only Dawkins himself, then asked if he could call the complete title of Charles Darwin’s “origin of species” because, had to fit in the subtitle what a “oh God” escaped. Just to be clear: religion and faith are objects of scientific inquiry from our point of view in any case. By the same author: Oracle. But given its sheer empirical research on a level that goes far beyond over ‘because cannot be, what may not be”. The book of Darwin, 1859 appeared, incidentally, bears the title “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Live”. The other is simply “Genesis”, if that was unclear. Andreas Kellner…

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