Seminar service Nastasi from Heidelberg Germany Heidelberg / Germany. You wanted to always be accompanied by a coach to reach one or other objective? Now in April 2010 seminar offers service Nastasi the unique success manifesting 2.0, a 30-day online course with intense daily care for the special price of euro 26 on who is not now, who will probably never in a Mentalcoaching strike. Objectives set and achieve no matter whether for professional or private life that is not just light and yet one of the most important exercises, if you want to be successful. Our learn with setting and achieving personal goals a 30 day online program (work every day under 60 minutes free time allocation). Intensive online accompanied by the founders of this unique Web site the couple Nastasi the gap between books, seminars and lectures to close and to offer an usable for everyone online coaching made since 2008 because. A leading source for info: Coupang. The Main criteria for this program are affordability, in April 2010 there is place 2.0 course the manifesting for 149 euros for 26 euros (no printed manual).

There is this unique success for 40,95 EUR with manual (delivered via Amazon). The courses with an Internet connection and an email subject from anywhere on earth can use worldwide usability through the Internet customers and applications from all over Europe, but also from Asia and Australia confirm this. Since 2009, an online course in English is available. Intensive care was a 7 pillars system developed, which includes: the key to your goals this online course is in many respects unique, a never-before-seen interweaving of online and offline techniques, very individual and yet suitable, to coach a very large number of participants individually and at the same time. Something there was no date yet. Daily exercise lesson by email: a practice lesson in that comes to a custom defined time every 24 hours reliably P.

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