Coaching: Helping People To Self Help In Change Processes

How coaching can support why make sense in change projects is coaching an asset in change projects? Coaching can be used as a modern consulting and management tool in change processes, to lead the main change to more personal responsibility. Coaching is always also a supportive enable clients to expand their own skills and competences and to manage processes of change more successfully. Change projects run by often more or less rapidly and completely the following four phases: shock resistance, resignation acceptance, exploration / design and approval / registration. In each of these stages have affected certain needs and motives, which can be used constructively by appropriate coaching techniques. This process is explained in the following. \”Note: here by the client\” is, it can be also a) to a client and b) clients, for example, a team of users, a change in the Act to a group, go through. First phase: rejection people respond first to changes often with denial and shock.

Here it is for coaches to show compassion and understanding to respond to those affected. Using the training stable zones \”(by Dr. Roswita Konigswieser), for example, those aspects in everyday work, the clients can be highlighted, which will remain for the time being and have a helpful, supportive effect. In this exercise, it comes to work out together, which stable zones the client has (be it ideas, skills, etc.) and the positive impact they have on their own work. To better understand the need to change, the coach can initiate with his client (E.g. through a role-playing game with different positions) a conscious change of perspective. Here it comes that the client perceives his environment and himself through the eyes of other people involved in the change groups. These can be, for example, the change initiator or the change sponsor. Often clients at this point have a key experiences and increasing your understanding in the need to change.

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