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Is the initial repayment but increases to 3 percent, then the monthly burden increased to 900 euros, but halved the remaining debt to the end of the interest rate to 56,000 euros. The customer would have in approximately 17,500 euros of less interest paid this example to his bank. Of course the Bill goes only, if the borrower can wear the higher rate.” The Honorary Advisor and KreditCoach Aschauer is recommended to get an independent and expert advice to realistically explore the possibilities and to calculate with special software tools. If real estate buyers can afford any higher repayments, then you should yourself honestly be to think intensely about whether a real estate purchase to these conditions is really useful. “, warns Aschauer.

What a borrower it helps if he can stem the credit rate until the end of the interest rate and then massively fall into the trap of the redemption?” A rise in interest rates from 4.2 to 8% – which is again possible in regard to the national debt and the threat of inflation would increase the monthly rate for a residual debt of 118.000 euro abruptly from 650 euro 885 euros. Also increases the total term of the loan and some borrowers will then be their retirement age Still paying off loans. One should not underestimate the total term of the loan, because interest-rate takes by 4% and 1% repayment, the repayment of the loan over 40 years. KreditCoach Aschauer therefore advises to a sound construction financial consulting and a reasonable financing concept that ideally the borrower takes into account the personal circumstances and needs. A low initial rate should not be the criterion for a real estate decision, but whether the financing is long term and sustainable portable. While the eradication trap is just one example, consumers in the construction financing must pay attention to which important points.” Basically, Aschauer recommends that any financing advice a risk and security check should not be missing. Through a so-called worst case analysis, you can examine the sustainability of funding even in difficult and changing conditions and indicate the borrower possible problems and solutions. “.”

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