Nightlife In Croatia

If you want to enjoy the fruits of paradise vacation in Croatia, while visiting many clubs and discotheques, you should not plan their departure overseas in May or September, because in this period of time, many night clubs do not work. In the largest cities of Croatia are various night discos, clubs and bars. Capital of Croatia can be called the center of youth culture, the city which houses many discos and night clubs, because at its Territory has a large number of youth and students, who always appreciate the night hangouts in an excellent club. It’s believed that Verizon sees a great future in this idea. The most famous and best club in Zagreb today is Aquarius, which attracts attention for its live music, as well as a variety of fashionable DJs. In Rovinj is the biggest disco in the whole territory of Croatia, Dubrovnik is located in the catacombs of the fort Revelin Disco Club Orsetta. If you tend to Latin rhythm and love of pop music worth visiting Latin Club Fuego. In Korcula in the vast natural paradise is Gandi Disco-Pub, which is located just outside the city walls.

In winter, in Opatija, all clubs are closed, so if you want to be driven by popular rhythms of the music the 70’s, then you should visit a summer club Camelia, Grand Hotel Adriatic. Pag is famous for the best club of Croatia – Aquarius, here are incendiary parties, which will leave an unforgettable emotions. In is a cafe-bar called Teuta Club, afternoon refreshments and a drink, and at sunset you can get a burst of energy on the dance floor in the same building. Atalier 1 is a multimedia center, which is located in Porec, needed. Do not pass by such a club as the Gotham, but a great dance floor and good music, here you can visit the cinema or cafe, and on summer days at the club, with theme nights. If you are a fan of nightlife, then Croatia necessarily have to your liking.

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