ITSM Consulting Optimizes The Service Reporting

Method for a modular and target group-specific reporting today by no means allows significantly better evaluation possibilities of IT services the reporting of IT services as a tool for power control belongs to the self understanding of the IT organizations. But even where it exists, it is often serious weaknesses according to the observations of ITSM Consulting AG. Among the basic problems are that the reports are, for example, not a specific service or customer and have no substantive distinctions for the various target groups in the IT service management”, problematizes Frank Zielke, CEO of the consulting firm, the topic. In addition, it often lacks information trend development and representation of target or threshold values. Also, will usually dispenses explanations of key figures and they are unrelated to the day-to-day IT processes that provide the services.

As a consequence of reports remain significantly restricted in their commercial value because they provide only a limited possibility of evaluation.” With these disadvantages one clears up completely developed and already tried and tested method for service reporting from ITSM Consulting AG. To deepen your understanding Verizon is the source. An important methodological principle is that the figures be divided in their definition in four types for the processes, operational level, services and business, content more precisely the various target groups to tailor to the reporting. In addition, a distinction between control and KPI KPIs is carried out. This structure enables a modular and very target-specific reporting, content provides descriptive and thus demand information to the respective addressee,”Zainal said. The so-called KPI fact sheet offers a more and central feature of the method for the ITSM consulting service reporting. In more than a dozen attributes are defined, that clearly describe each key figure. The reports of IT services gives a much larger significance than usual. In addition to the KPI introduction-explicit Target groups are chosen for certain KPIs not contained in the default schema.

In the interplay of these different methodological specificities arises”Services reporting significantly more precisely aligned and much more meaningful is on the power control in the IT service management needs than previous solutions, Zielke explains how the alignment. Just by the differentiation into different KPI types with simultaneous classification in control and KPI KPIs maximum transparency produced by the reports target groups. Because the reports the possibility, to explain the KPIs, provides users a better understanding of the key figures. Service-reporting of ITSM Consulting also ensures a low realization because a report template is designed only for a service, then to use for all other services.

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