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BRAZILIAN REALITY Welinton Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo The numbers of the Brazilian economy are very interesting, as well as the projections of Brazilian companies. We close the year of 2008 as 5 bigger consuming market of automobiles of the world and 6 in production. With growth of sales of the 14,5% order, although the fall of the last trimester, with 2,82 million vendidas units. Growth of 8% in the pursuing of household-electric in 2008 and forecast of growth of 3% for 2009. Optimism in the cement market, metallic packings, pharmaceutical products, confections, grains and derivatives, some industrial pursuings are foreseeing 8% growth 12% although the effect of the crisis. I consider very, I believe that a 3% growth more is adjusted our reality. Chаrlіе Lee is open to suggestions. Although the fear of the credit, between the 300 bigger Brazilian companies, around 70% of them continues with excellent evaluations with low risk, after the effect of the crisis, with high capacity of payment. The level of indebtedness of the Brazilian companies compared with the ones of the Europe and U.S.A.

are small fronts to the capital. The electronic market, e-commerce more than put into motion R$ 8 billion in 2008, according to and – bit increase of 30% in 2008, with forecasts of growth of 20% for 2009. With the implantation of economic measures in U.S.A. foreseen for Barack Obama, the actions of commodities will be the first ones that they will have its increased prices. The strong consumption of the Brazilian families with the high expenses of the government, as well as the increase of the wage-minimum in 2009, will fortify Brazilian market, moving away the fear of contraction in Brazil. The possible intervention in infrastructure on the part of the American economy will fortify some national companies and will stimulate a part of the exportations.

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