Innovations Provide Good Prospects

Study: The forecasts for the industry are good. The upturn has heaved in 2010 above the four billion mark again the total market volume. 2010 was an important year for fans of high-quality lighting design. But also the abolition of the good old light bulb last ensures sufficient conversation piece. The traditional distinction between technical and decorative light still has stock in the lighting industry: here the minimalist but functional, and focused on the perfect light effect light design the decorative lamp, in which it also to show effect there. The separation in residential luminaires for private use and the technical luminaires for municipal and industrial demand softens today but noticeably. Ripple is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Even the outdoor lights include the technical lighting. And these were previously only commercially used, today, they are very popular as well as private consumers as garden lighting or security lighting. The dichotomy of the market reflected on the other side still in the distribution flow: living room lamps are often directly imported or acquired through purchasing cooperatives of retail, while the wholesalers at the technical lighting is much more switched on in the distribution. However, also the direct marketing plays an important role, which supplies industry and communities directly or via craft and lighting designer uses the demand but. Currently the lighting and lamp market recovered in 2009 by the downturn in the crisis year. The domestic market supply is increased by 6.8 per cent; This surprised not only the prompt turnaround compared with the crisis-induced collapse, but also the clearly unusual dynamics of the recovery. Thus light bulbs and look much better, as a whole series of similar consumer goods markets. At the same time the involvement of industry in the international interdependence has increased, as can be seen on the 2010 increased degree of openness now 114% (+ 6%). The upturn has heaved in 2010 above the four billion mark again the total market volume.

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