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Read the second part autobiography Alejandro Teresa Martinez wanted to be journalist since childhood, perhaps attracted by things that all journalists working in the radio of his people during the time of childhood, were better known, loved and respected than the Mayor himself or the Governor and his fame was only matched by the artists of fashionsuch as Diomedes Diaz, Jorge Onate and el Binomio de Oro. Earlier, the child of famous, deception was joined some talent for threading letters, syllables and words, which demonstrated with some frequency, mainly when it was delivering the tasks of natural sciences in which begged him to describe certain animals. Details can be found by clicking Bernard Golden or emailing the administrator. As it did not have the text guide which all took the task, was going to the playground, looked at the characteristics of invertebrates, the anatomy of vertebrates, the habits of dogs and arming some writings that unfailingly received 2 in praise of his incredulous teacher, consistent in a cool question does that wrote you? Spanish professor was less distrustful and polished his form of writing and asked him to write small articles for the radio program of the College and then other articles and others more until one day took him to the radio booth and started to give small sips of microphone at a rate of three minutes per week. From there came the seduction of a longer SIPs on sports radio and commercial radio: an hour a day. Following the turns of a soccer ball on the fields of hard clay, stone and dust of La Guajira.

Was there a few years until it began to combine sport with the General, and good general news by certain: from the diary of the many dead that left every night the chronic violence of his Maicao native, through long, boring speeches (and often without content) of politicians, to the news of the hundreds of deportees thatby force of poverty, had gone to Venezuela without other document your hand lined callus which showed that they were aware of the field work. Laradio became columns of the press in the journal made the leap to the small screen of the community television channel where acts as a presenter and journalist for the magazine Buenos days Maicao if informant of Santa Marta and the columns of the press embargo, since the end of 2007 his great passion is digital journalism, modality which has directed successfully the Maicao blog a dayan initiative of alternative journalism that won three awards in recognition of the depth of his research and literary quality of his articles over the span of a year. Through Maicao day Maicao and La Guajira they tell their story to the world and they have won readers in 107 countries. This is the summary of a career that began as a response to the skeptical question of a natural teacher. Read the second part Alejandro Rutto Martinezes a prestigious Colombian journalist and writer, linked as a teacher at several universities Colombian.

He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. It is often invitadocomo lecturer at congresses, forums and other academic events. Get in touch with him through the corrreo call it cell 300 8055526.

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